Why Care about Strangers?

I’m at a point where I almost don’t have the words anymore. Whether it’s draconian laws being passed in multiple states in the United States by those determined to drag our country back to the 1950s or the ongoing, horrifying war in Ukraine, it seems that atrocities are everywhere. I’ve been quiet for a whileContinue reading “Why Care about Strangers?”

10 Reasons Americans Can Be Happy Right Now

Or, 10 reasons to stop whining about everything As Americans, we love nothing more than using social media, really any form of communication, to complain about all the things we hate, are irritated about, find frustrating, or otherwise dislike. The time is more than a little ripe for a reality check. We have a lotContinue reading “10 Reasons Americans Can Be Happy Right Now”

Food for Thought on Ukraine: A Guest Post

Today I’m doing something a little different. I’ve handed over the writing reins to a friend from Madrid, Spain. He has some thoughts on the current war in Ukraine and I thought it would be interesting to provide one European’s perspective. Please join me in welcoming our guest writer, Sr. Alvaro Gomez-Jordana Moya! Disclaimer: TheseContinue reading “Food for Thought on Ukraine: A Guest Post”

An International Women’s Day 2022 Thank You Note

A couple of months ago, I scheduled a mammogram for March 8. The connection between that date and International Women’s Day hadn’t occurred to me. When it did finally dawn on me, I immediately thought I’d write an uplifting piece about taking care of ourselves, making sure we’re actively participating in preventative care, and theContinue reading “An International Women’s Day 2022 Thank You Note”

Our Words Matter

Words matter. They matter more than we realize. They have the power to fundamentally alter someone’s outlook. They don’t even have to be profound to make a profound impact. I’ve said those six words, “It’s a practice, not a perfect,” to my daughters regarding any number of topics, ranging from school to exercise to emotions.

A Reminder for this National Day of Service

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was designated, by former President Barack Obama, as the only federal holiday that also serves as a national day of service. To honor the life, memory, and legacy of Dr. King, all Americans are asked to perform an act of service in their communities. As we move through this day,Continue reading “A Reminder for this National Day of Service”

January 6, 2021 — What Did It Mean for Our Democracy?

A one year anniversary reflection It’s the one year anniversary of a violent attempted overthrow of the government. I knew it was coming. We all know what day it happened. But, the enormity of this anniversary just kind of hit in one huge blow. And, if I’m being honest, it kind of brings me toContinue reading “January 6, 2021 — What Did It Mean for Our Democracy?”

What Do I Say To Her?

Talking to My Daughter About Mass Shootings and the Painful Reasons They Happen Author’s Note: I wrote this in 2019. In light of yet another school shooting, this time in Michigan, just one of the 138 incidents, 28 of which have resulted in fatalities, we’ve had in 2021, I thought it a good idea toContinue reading “What Do I Say To Her?”

Same Sitch, Different Day

White child vigilante’s acquittal proves nothing’s changed The heartbreak, anger, fear and futility the families of Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder victims are feeling must be enormous. And, Black American families all over the country. And, the family of Julius Jones in Oklahoma. Today, a jury in Wisconsin, aided and abetted by the judge, acquitted Kyle RittenhouseContinue reading “Same Sitch, Different Day”

Men’s Mental Health Matters

It’s the middle of November. Movember, the month-long event that began as a way to raise money and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer, is in full swing. They’ve subsequently added a third goal, men’s mental health issues, especially suicide prevention. And, it’s had me thinking. I’ve written many times about my own mental health,Continue reading “Men’s Mental Health Matters”