Have We Lost Our Humanity?

Or did we have any to begin with? Let me start with this. Humanity has always been inhumane. Atrocities have been committed throughout history. And, while we aren’t experiencing Genghis Khan-level atrocities at the moment (though Ukrainians might disagree), the United States is certainly allowing smaller, more localized atrocities to continue unabated. The U.S. hasn’tContinue reading “Have We Lost Our Humanity?”

The Most Basic Definition of Racism (And How to Know If You’re Part of the Problem)

Racism isn’t hard to understand. If you hate or you believe that you are inherently better than another person because their skin color is different from yours, that’s racist. If a white man murders eight Asian people, six of them women, because he needed to “remove the temptation” for his sex addiction, that’s both racismContinue reading “The Most Basic Definition of Racism (And How to Know If You’re Part of the Problem)”

How to Support Women on International Women’s Day

You want to support the women in your life? Really support them? Give them a break. A literal one, a metaphorical one; it doesn’t matter. Just give them a break.

We Don’t Negotiate with Terrorists… Unless They’re White Supremacists

Let’s play a game. It’s called “Guess The Threat Level!” On a scale of 1-10, let’s guess the perceived threat of various groups. Growing up in Washington, DC is a unique experience. Kids here learn a lot about society, the good and the bad, at a very early age. They don’t have much of aContinue reading “We Don’t Negotiate with Terrorists… Unless They’re White Supremacists”

We Are Not Women Who Can Stand Things

We haven’t slept well since March. We try to catch a moment’s break, after making lunch, in between Zoom school sessions and our own work, but it slips through our fingers, a specter fading fast, as young voices ring out with questions and requests. Maybe later, with a glass of wine.

Women at mid-life. Women on the edge.

Open Letter to Congress — Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown

We, the people of the District of Columbia, would like a few words. While the world watched in horror, residents of the capital city were shuttering businesses, running for cover, and watching as rioters, foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs, overran our backyard.

The Streets of Heaven Are Too Crowded with Angels Tonight

When does the collective wail of the majority get to drown out the rantings of the minority? When do our healthcare workers get uninterrupted, unbiased time on every network, in every news outlet to tell their stories, to tell the unvarnished truth? How will we ever make amends to the families of the dead, to the millions unemployed, to the small businesses that have closed, to the school children, because of the country’s leaders’ utter failure to lead?

Fundraiser for Giving Tuesday — Associates for Renewal in Education (ARE)

For this #GivingTuesday on December 1, 2020, and my upcoming birthday, I’m asking people to join me in donating to Associates for Renewal in Education, Inc. (ARE). ARE is a non-profit that helps DC families and children from cradle to career. (Link to fundraiser is below.) ARE has an early education program for 2-3 yearContinue reading “Fundraiser for Giving Tuesday — Associates for Renewal in Education (ARE)”

Year of Grief, from Traumas New and Old

We are all spent and on edge Every day, I read the news. I see the photos. I hear the reports. The grief is palpable. I can feel it pulsing around me, a living, breathing thing that threatens to consume all of us. My anger and my sadness make me want to scream, but noContinue reading “Year of Grief, from Traumas New and Old”

We Need to be Honest and Call Them Lynchings

Six Black people (four men, one woman, and a teenaged boy) have been found hanging from trees in five states (California, New York, Oregon, Georgia, and Texas) in recent weeks. All of the trees were in public. They’ve all been ruled suicides. There has been sporadic and lackluster coverage of this, for lack of aContinue reading “We Need to be Honest and Call Them Lynchings”