Have We Lost Our Humanity?

Or did we have any to begin with? Let me start with this. Humanity has always been inhumane. Atrocities have been committed throughout history. And, while we aren’t experiencing Genghis Khan-level atrocities at the moment (though Ukrainians might disagree), the United States is certainly allowing smaller, more localized atrocities to continue unabated. The U.S. hasn’tContinue reading “Have We Lost Our Humanity?”

Crime Is Up, but at Least the City’s E-Scooters Are Safe

Elected leaders are choosing political expediency and finger-pointing instead of addressing rising violent crime head-on District residents are grappling with a second year of increased violent crime. The city’s elected leaders have been intensely focused on safety. On October 1, the city’s new law requiring e-scooters to be locked up or docked instead of justContinue reading “Crime Is Up, but at Least the City’s E-Scooters Are Safe”

It’s Never Been About Abortion

These laws are about control. It’s about the desire for mostly white conservative Christian men and women to control women’s bodies. Abortion is a red herring. The control and the cruelty are the point.

These same politicians crow about the need to be pro-life and complain about government programs to help families. Without supporting access to affordable, adequate health care and child care, housing that helps keep families safe, food programs that can educate people about healthy eating and provide access to affordable, healthy foods, claims of being pro-life ring hollow.

“Not Okay” Is a Distant Memory for Parents

Where we are now is well past the breaking point The Atlantic recently published a piece titled “Parents Are Not Okay” by a father, Dan Sinker. It detailed the many ways in which the pandemic has taken its toll on families, and now, as we return to school, the concerns parents continue to have regardingContinue reading ““Not Okay” Is a Distant Memory for Parents”

The Modern American Insurrection Attempt Celebrates Its Half Birthday

By the time I publish this, the day will probably be over. July 6, 2021. It’s two days after we celebrate American Independence Day and six months, to the day, since an angry group of mostly white, most male Americans tried to overthrow our government. And, it’s been exactly six months since the current RepublicanContinue reading “The Modern American Insurrection Attempt Celebrates Its Half Birthday”

Love is Love and Respect and Acceptance

Uniqueness is something to appreciate. The funny thing is, and as cliché as it sounds, when we are able to see people for who they really, truly are, we find our commonalities. The heart of the human condition is just that, love. We all want to be loved.

Welcome to the Anxious ADHD Brain

But, you want to know what it really feels like? When your train of thought is going straight ahead, and seemingly out of nowhere it veers sharply to the left, it doesn’t seem weird to you, just to other people. It’s the realization that most people’s thoughts don’t work like that and that moving from discussions about dinner to a news article you read earlier and back again, with no transition, sometimes leaves people bewildered.

The Most Basic Definition of Racism (And How to Know If You’re Part of the Problem)

Racism isn’t hard to understand. If you hate or you believe that you are inherently better than another person because their skin color is different from yours, that’s racist. If a white man murders eight Asian people, six of them women, because he needed to “remove the temptation” for his sex addiction, that’s both racismContinue reading “The Most Basic Definition of Racism (And How to Know If You’re Part of the Problem)”

How to Support Women on International Women’s Day

You want to support the women in your life? Really support them? Give them a break. A literal one, a metaphorical one; it doesn’t matter. Just give them a break.

We Don’t Negotiate with Terrorists… Unless They’re White Supremacists

Let’s play a game. It’s called “Guess The Threat Level!” On a scale of 1-10, let’s guess the perceived threat of various groups. Growing up in Washington, DC is a unique experience. Kids here learn a lot about society, the good and the bad, at a very early age. They don’t have much of aContinue reading “We Don’t Negotiate with Terrorists… Unless They’re White Supremacists”