The Patriarchy’s Moral Compass Points Due South

The road to Hell is paved with bad intentions

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Is the patriarchy ok? Are y’all feeling good about where you stand vis-à-vis society? From my perspective, things are looking more than a little rough. I mean, you must love knowing that you’ve got so many people under your thumb, but trying to hang on to that power that feeds your egos must be exhausting. And, the last couple of weeks have been particularly tough. Let’s recap, shall we?

Confirmed bachelor Senator Lindsey Graham announced his intention to pursue a national abortion ban for all pregnancies at 15 weeks or later (a number he plucked from thin air.) He was confronted, during his press conference, by a woman who told him that she found out at 16 weeks pregnant that her fetus had a fatal anomaly. He didn’t care, just reiterated his talking points, because to him, women aren’t people, just vessels for birthing.

Well-known bigot and former president, Donald Trump announced to the world that he can declassify some of our nation’s most sensitive information via telepathy. Never mind the fact that even viewing some of those documents outside of a secure space, let alone removing them altogether, is a massive violation of national security. He was the president and he can declassify documents just by thinking about it. Even Trump’s lawyers refuse to argue that the materials were declassified because any intentional misrepresentations in court would carry professional ramifications for them. His desperate attempts to avoid prosecution for a variety of crimes is a sight to behold. Anyone who calls out his lies is just jealous of him, and hates America.

We’ve also got Brett Favre, known sexual harasser and former NFL quarterback. He told everyone he had no idea where the money came from to build the volleyball arena at the University of Southern Mississippi. Except text messages between him and his politician co-conspirators make it crystal clear that he was 100% aware of, and complicit in the stealing of that $5 million in federal welfare funds from Mississippi’s poorest residents. It’s also come to light that, in 2019, he tried to get additional money to build an indoor practice facility for the University of Southern Mississippi’s football team. Oof, that’s got to sting a little. Ultimately though, he doesn’t feel bad because he doesn’t view those people as deserving of anything other than scorn.

Or, how about Robert Sarver, owner of the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury being suspended from the NBA for one year and fined $10 million, for years of racist and misogynistic behavior, deciding to sell both teams. He got his feelings hurt that he’s not allowed to be awful so he’s taking his toys and going home. He didn’t do anything illegal, just gross, so he’ll walk away from his scandal as a billionaire (he’s currently worth a little over $800 million.) The impact of the Robert Sarver suspension and decision to sell is being felt in other sports as well. NFL owners are now considering pressuring Washington Commanders owner, Dan Snyder to sell the team voluntarily, and barring his voluntary sale, hold a vote to force him out.

To end this list of infamy, let’s turn our attention to Arizona and Idaho. An Arizona judge upheld an abortion ban law created in 1864, prior to Arizona being a state, and codified in 1901. They really are trying to set us back by 100 years. There’s no joke to make there. The truth of that statement is just depressing. However, the state attorney general, Rachel Mitchell, announced that she would not enforce the ban. She says, “… I know this is a highly emotionally charged statement and I want the community to know that I will not prosecute women for having abortions and no statute even suggests a woman will ever be prosecuted for her decision. Likewise, I will not re-victimize survivors of rape, incest, or molestation. I’ve spent my career defending people that have suffered those crimes.” Of course it’s a woman protecting other women.

In Idaho, the state’s new abortion law says, “… who willfully publishes any notice or advertisement of any medicine or means for producing or facilitating a miscarriage or abortion, or for the prevention of conception, or who offers his services by any notice, or advertisement, or otherwise to assist in the accomplishment of such purpose, is guilty of a felony.” This new law not only outlaws abortion services and the procurement of medical abortion drugs, but any and all birth control. The University of Idaho has already announced their halt of birth control because of the new law.

It is said that history is written by the victors. I love that thought. History is written by the victors. That line was clearly thought up by the victors as well. But history, real history, is written by the survivors. It’s written by those who refuse to let their stories disappear or be erased. Oral histories are never really gone, even if they spend years in the shadows. They’re whispered from one person to another, one generation to another, until the day arrives when they no longer have to hide.

We can’t let our history be rewritten by those who seek to do us harm. The minority majority can win if we all work together. We’ve done it before and we can do it again. Why don’t we become the victors and write our own history.


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