The First Amendment Has Restrictions; Why Not the Second?

“And in the naked light I sawTen thousand people, maybe morePeople talking without speakingPeople hearing without listeningPeople writing songs that voices never sharedAnd no one daredDisturb the sound of silence” The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel This song became the one of the anthems of a protest generation; a generation watching atrocities happen,Continue reading “The First Amendment Has Restrictions; Why Not the Second?”

What Do I Say To Her?

Talking to My Daughter About Mass Shootings and the Painful Reasons They Happen Author’s Note: I wrote this in 2019. In light of yet another school shooting, this time in Michigan, just one of the 138 incidents, 28 of which have resulted in fatalities, we’ve had in 2021, I thought it a good idea toContinue reading “What Do I Say To Her?”