Have We Lost Our Humanity?

Or did we have any to begin with? Let me start with this. Humanity has always been inhumane. Atrocities have been committed throughout history. And, while we aren’t experiencing Genghis Khan-level atrocities at the moment (though Ukrainians might disagree), the United States is certainly allowing smaller, more localized atrocities to continue unabated. The U.S. hasn’tContinue reading “Have We Lost Our Humanity?”

The Emotional Strength of Accepting Rejection

Somewhat Gracefully My writing’s been rejected a lot. Sometimes, it wasn’t the right fit for the publication or they had something similar in the works that hadn’t been published yet. Other times, editors have said the writing was good, but they just weren’t interested at that time. And, I’ve been ghosted a very decent numberContinue reading “The Emotional Strength of Accepting Rejection”

The First Amendment Has Restrictions; Why Not the Second?

“And in the naked light I sawTen thousand people, maybe morePeople talking without speakingPeople hearing without listeningPeople writing songs that voices never sharedAnd no one daredDisturb the sound of silence” The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel This song became the one of the anthems of a protest generation; a generation watching atrocities happen,Continue reading “The First Amendment Has Restrictions; Why Not the Second?”

Why Care about Strangers?

I’m at a point where I almost don’t have the words anymore. Whether it’s draconian laws being passed in multiple states in the United States by those determined to drag our country back to the 1950s or the ongoing, horrifying war in Ukraine, it seems that atrocities are everywhere. I’ve been quiet for a whileContinue reading “Why Care about Strangers?”

Food for Thought on Ukraine: A Guest Post

Today I’m doing something a little different. I’ve handed over the writing reins to a friend from Madrid, Spain. He has some thoughts on the current war in Ukraine and I thought it would be interesting to provide one European’s perspective. Please join me in welcoming our guest writer, Sr. Alvaro Gomez-Jordana Moya! Disclaimer: TheseContinue reading “Food for Thought on Ukraine: A Guest Post”