Roe v. Wade Is Dead, but We Are Not

Without the ability to make decisions about their own bodies, without bodily autonomy, none are truly free.

They want to break our collective soul. Good luck. You can try, but history skews in favor of the oppressed.

An International Women’s Day 2022 Thank You Note

A couple of months ago, I scheduled a mammogram for March 8. The connection between that date and International Women’s Day hadn’t occurred to me. When it did finally dawn on me, I immediately thought I’d write an uplifting piece about taking care of ourselves, making sure we’re actively participating in preventative care, and theContinue reading “An International Women’s Day 2022 Thank You Note”

How to Support Women on International Women’s Day

You want to support the women in your life? Really support them? Give them a break. A literal one, a metaphorical one; it doesn’t matter. Just give them a break.