Welcome to the Anxious ADHD Brain

But, you want to know what it really feels like? When your train of thought is going straight ahead, and seemingly out of nowhere it veers sharply to the left, it doesn’t seem weird to you, just to other people. It’s the realization that most people’s thoughts don’t work like that and that moving from discussions about dinner to a news article you read earlier and back again, with no transition, sometimes leaves people bewildered.

Year of Grief, from Traumas New and Old

We are all spent and on edge Every day, I read the news. I see the photos. I hear the reports. The grief is palpable. I can feel it pulsing around me, a living, breathing thing that threatens to consume all of us. My anger and my sadness make me want to scream, but noContinue reading “Year of Grief, from Traumas New and Old”

The Equality Fight Continues and Is More Important than Ever

The Supreme Court is expected to rule on whether employers have the right to fire employees based on their sexual orientation and gender identity SPOILER: Opinions ahead “I’d like to live to be old.” — Bren Osborn In October of last year, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in three cases that will determine whetherContinue reading “The Equality Fight Continues and Is More Important than Ever”