Have We Lost Our Humanity?

Or did we have any to begin with? Let me start with this. Humanity has always been inhumane. Atrocities have been committed throughout history. And, while we aren’t experiencing Genghis Khan-level atrocities at the moment (though Ukrainians might disagree), the United States is certainly allowing smaller, more localized atrocities to continue unabated. The U.S. hasn’tContinue reading “Have We Lost Our Humanity?”

The Patriarchy’s Moral Compass Points Due South

The road to Hell is paved with bad intentions Is the patriarchy ok? Are y’all feeling good about where you stand vis-à-vis society? From my perspective, things are looking more than a little rough. I mean, you must love knowing that you’ve got so many people under your thumb, but trying to hang on toContinue reading “The Patriarchy’s Moral Compass Points Due South”

The Plague of Young Men with Guns

This was first published on my LinkedIn page, earlier in the day on May 24, 2022. ACTIONS TO TAKE NOW: Donate to Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Brady Campaign & Center to Prevent Gun Violence, or March For Our Lives. I did. Call your Congresspeople and Sentators. TAKEContinue reading “The Plague of Young Men with Guns”

January 6, 2021 — What Did It Mean for Our Democracy?

A one year anniversary reflection It’s the one year anniversary of a violent attempted overthrow of the government. I knew it was coming. We all know what day it happened. But, the enormity of this anniversary just kind of hit in one huge blow. And, if I’m being honest, it kind of brings me toContinue reading “January 6, 2021 — What Did It Mean for Our Democracy?”

What Do I Say To Her?

Talking to My Daughter About Mass Shootings and the Painful Reasons They Happen Author’s Note: I wrote this in 2019. In light of yet another school shooting, this time in Michigan, just one of the 138 incidents, 28 of which have resulted in fatalities, we’ve had in 2021, I thought it a good idea toContinue reading “What Do I Say To Her?”

Truth in Politicking? Hahahahaha!

What might that sound like? What if politicians told the truth? Try to imagine it. Hilarious, right? Not funny haha though, angry funny. Our fury has no other outlet. We’re in sheer disbelief, but sadly, not surprised to find ourselves in the current situation. What if Senator Joe Manchin (D, West Virginia), told everyone thatContinue reading “Truth in Politicking? Hahahahaha!”