What Do I Say To Her?

Talking to My Daughter About Mass Shootings and the Painful Reasons They Happen Author’s Note: I wrote this in 2019. In light of yet another school shooting, this time in Michigan, just one of the 138 incidents, 28 of which have resulted in fatalities, we’ve had in 2021, I thought it a good idea toContinue reading “What Do I Say To Her?”

We Are Not Women Who Can Stand Things

We haven’t slept well since March. We try to catch a moment’s break, after making lunch, in between Zoom school sessions and our own work, but it slips through our fingers, a specter fading fast, as young voices ring out with questions and requests. Maybe later, with a glass of wine.

Women at mid-life. Women on the edge.

The Brazen and Beautiful Legacy of Strong-Willed Women

My maternal grandfather called us “strong-willed women”. It was a point of pride with him. I come from a long line of strong-willed women, on both sides of my family, and I am better for it. I mean, there is literally a park in my dad’s hometown named after my grandmother. Pennington Park was aContinue reading “The Brazen and Beautiful Legacy of Strong-Willed Women”

To the Amazing People Who Make Our Lives Safer

Thank you to all of the gig, service, delivery, postal and healthcare workers NOTE: A version of this was originally published on February 20, 2020 at medium.com/@katyferry. I feel like it is more important than ever to acknowledge our service workers, our “essential” workers who are keeping the country running while deal with COVID-19. ThisContinue reading “To the Amazing People Who Make Our Lives Safer”